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Dr Anthony Thompson -
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Anthony Thompson Business Psychologist and YouTuber

Anthony is a practicing Business Psychologist and University Lecturer with a passion for making Psychology fun, interesting and accessible.  

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Dr Anthony Thompson PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Anthony is an award winning Psychologist with specialisms in business psychology, health and well-being. Anthony has worked as an educator within British universities for the past 7 years  and supported students across the world to achieve their dreams in becoming psychologists. 

Anthony is passionate about making the fascinating world of Psychology accessible to as many people as possible; regularly delivering talks, engaging with media outlets and presenting his own YouTube channel.  


Anthony has contributed to a range publications, providing insights into how Psychology can help us to understand real-world issues.

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Find out more about the exciting world of Psychology! 


Anthony is a published author and researcher. Anthony's work uses Psychology to take on real-world issues and provide tips as to how they might be solved. 

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Anthony has delivered talks to professionals, news outlets and students across the world. 

Anthony's talks and workshops aim to inspire and engage audiences with the fascinating world of Psychology and empower attendees to see how Psychology can be applied in real-life to solve real-world issues. 

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