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The British Psychological Society: Occupational Psychology Outlook
Volume 1, Issue 1 

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Recruitment Toolkit

Have you ever wondered whether you're getting the most out of your recruitment strategy? Have you ever thought 'there has to be an easier way than this'? If so, then the Recruitment Toolkit is for you. We'll take you on a journey into the world of recruitment and selection... from your first steps into job analysis all the way to making your final selection decision.

Anthony Thompson recruitment toolkit book

Agile Working and Well-Being in the Digital Age- Book Chapter

Insufficient physical activity is a significant threat to both employee and organisational health yet long bouts of uninterrupted sitting time and fewer opportunities for physical activity are hallmarks of many modern occupations. This chapter explores the challenges and opportunities faced by agile workers, potential solutions and the business case for intervention

Anthony Thompson Psychology Book Agile Working and Physical Activity



The Importance of Exergaming When Working Remotely

Anthony's work is quoted in this article by Forbes, which explores how you can stay healthy whilst working from home.

The Role of Emotional Intelligence for Supporting Mental Health at Work

In this article, Anthony outlines how emotional intelligence training may help organisations & individuals navigate the challenges of protecting mental well-being at work.

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Employee Ill-Health, The Cost to the Economy

In this article, Anthony discusses how co-creating strategies with employees can help to reduce the risk of sickness absence.

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