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Book: Recruitment Toolkit

In this book I provide a practical guide to the recruitment and selection process. Each chapter outlines tools and techniques grounded in psychology to help maximise the chances of hiring the right person with the right skills at the right time. Informative, accessible and practical; it is the go to guide for many managers. 


Book Chapter: Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour in the Digital Workspace

In this book chapter I discuss why physical activity is one of the most important. health protecting behaviours for remote workers. Employees working from home are often distanced from the support and cues that would normally be available on the worksite. This chapter outlines strategies to help employees working from home to increase their physical activity and the economic benefits to organisations who support them.


Forbes Mention: The Importance of Exergaming When Working Remotely 

Picked up by Forbes, the article summarises some of the key interventions discussed within my book chapter "Physical Activity & Sedentary Behaviour in the Digital Workspace". A must read for anyone interested in exercising whilst working at home. 


Mental health and well-being is an urgent area of concern for both employees and their employers. In this article I discuss how emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in supporting and promoting employee well-being.